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For more than two decades, Penn Valley has been assisting companies in in a variety of industries. Helping owners maximize value in the company they've built.
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Here At Penn Valley Group
Owners of these companies have benefitted from the exit strategy services provided by Penn Valley, resulting in more than 50 successful transactions. Penn Valley enjoys an unblemished track record of success.
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Our Team of Experts
The management team at Penn Valley has deep roots in business operations of various types and sizes. The management team at Penn Valley is made up solely of senior people, ready to put their experience to work for you.
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Exit Strategy Design and Execution
One of the most important variables in the formula for business success, experience is defined as the sum of our business judgments and measured outcomes over time.
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benefit from knowledge and relationships dating back more than 40 years.

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that Penn Valley puts to work for clients every day.

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for getting deals done at valuations that often surprise.

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serving companies in all   industries, with between $2M and $100M in annual revenue.

Experience Matters.

There is no shortcut to experience. It simply takes time. It takes time to accumulate experience in various operating roles over the course of a career.  Penn Valley clients benefit from more than 45 years of experience in operating and selling businesses.

Welcome to Penn Valley Group

Penn Valley Group is in the business of assisting business owners with the design and successful execution of exit strategies. Our experience spans multiple segments within a variety of industies. If you’re a company owner, you understand the effort of getting where you are today. Being a successful business owner takes a considerable investment and a significant amount of time and dedication. You’ve worked hard to make your business a success.

Value Statement

No other company is in a better position to help you develop and successfully implement an exit strategy for your business. we focus on helping you achieve all of your goals and objectives (financial and non-financial) when exiting your business.

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Maximizing value in the
asset you've built!

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